This Privacy Policy outlines the data collection, usage, and sharing practices of The Dental List.


Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


Data Collected:

  1. Personal Information:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Name of Website
  2. Professional, Business, or Personal Information:

    • Certifications
    • Location
    • Professional Qualifications
    • Photos
    • Payment information
    • Specialty fields
    • Social media pages

Instances of Data Collection:

  • Sign up and completion of a user or business profile
  • Advertisement with the platform
  • Event posting
  • Commenting or posting on news-based articles
  • Sharing news pieces or business information via email or social networks
  • Communication through online chat, email, or phone
  • Interaction with businesses listed in the directory
  • Completion of tests or assessments
  • Downloading free user resources
  • Subscribing to the web publication
  • Purchasing items on the website

How Information Is Used:

  • Processing service requests
  • Not storing, reading, or passing personal messages without written consent
  • Sending payment information securely to the credit card processor (
  • Analyzing website usage through analytics tools for marketing and content interest
  • Sharing data with third parties to deliver requested services and products
  • Using cookies for a more customized user experience
  • Re-sharing public profile content through outside marketing channels
  • Allowing users to request deletion of their content through customer service

Information Gathering Methods:

  • Obtaining, gathering, or buying lists of potential leads interested in offered services
  • Using data from these lists for promotional communications
  • Screening list providers for compliance with applicable laws
  • Offering users the option to opt out of communications and lists

Information Sharing:

  • Attempting to protect private information
  • No absolute assurance of privacy
  • Sharing personal information when required by law or in good faith to comply with court orders, judicial proceedings, or law enforcement


  • Reserving the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy
  • Reference to the website’s Terms of Use page for more details on policy amendments

Users are encouraged to review the Terms of Use page for additional information regarding policy revisions.